Brown | Trinity Rep M.F.A. Programs in Acting and Directing

Student Groups

Brown/ Trinity affirms that a well-rounded artist must have opportunities to engage with members of one's artistic community outside of studio, rehearsal, and performance spaces.  There are a myriad of ways to get involved in student activities.  

Brown/ Trinity's Affinity and Ally groups, listed below, provide space and time for students who share a common self-identified background and/or allyship goals to gather.  We assert that these spaces empower the individual and collective voices in our community, a component of a healthy community that is central to our organizational mission.

ROO is a student-run group that offers some organizational structure and resources for student-generated performance.

ARAA is a space for students to analyze and consider their privilege (mostly in conversation with their whiteness) in order to challenge and change oppressive systems that exist in our program, industry and society. We educate ourselves, ask questions, and aspire to be allies to all members of the Brown/Trinity community.


The LGBTQIA+ Collective meets biweekly to foster a space that welcomes queer identities in the most expansive sense of that term. We discuss how queerness fits into our curriculum, and both appears and disappears in rooms throughout out training. Also lovingly known as 'Queer Club,' the collective offers support for one another through conversation, and, if deemed useful, through coordinated action. 

The LGBTQIA+ Aspiring Allies strive to find better ways to support our LGTBQIA+ classmates, to take the onus of education off of our peers, and to apply that education to the continuing pursuit of allyship in our work at B/T, our everyday lives, and onward throughout our work as artists outside of the B/T community. We also act as a resource for the mobilization of action and support for affinity groups and the Brown / Trinity Rep Community. 

A restorative space for the bodies, minds, and spirits of voices and experiences from the global majority committed to racial equity and justice, de-centering whiteness, and the imagining of liberated spaces.


The SRB is a space for all Brown / Trinity Rep students to gather to support, facilitate, and organize depending on the needs of the student body. 

TGNC provides a space for those who are trans, non binary, gender queer, etc. to find community, solidarity, and celebration. 

This affinity is specifically for folks who are neurodivergent and/or are disabled. Disability is broadly defined and encompasses many truths from temporary disability to chronic conditions. Neurodivergent entails a wide array of experiences including, but not limited to, Torrets, OCD, and Autism. While the needs and lives of neurodivergent people are as varied as we are unique humans, this space will center on those furthest from allistic experiences. Diagnosis is not required. This in not an educational space; this is a space to gather, unmask, and advocate for one another. 

The Gender Inclusive Group is a space for community members of any marginalized gender to find affinity, solidarity, and celebration. 

All writers, regardless of degree program, are invited to share space and hear work aloud. Participants are encouraged to share plays, non-theatrical work, poetry, and other writings in process. Anyone, if desired, can have the opportunity to ask for feedback on ways to move forward. This is a space to support one another through writer's block, idea generation, and editing tactics, as well as share resources for workshops, writer's grants, career opportunities, and more. One meeting may be hearing a new scene out loud. The next may be an impromptu poetry hour. Anyone is encouraged to attend and participation as a writer or listener is welcome. 

Brown's Graduate Student Council is made up of representatives from each department and of officers elected from the entire graduate student population. The GSC holds monthly meetings and offers many events and free classes throughout the year.