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Barbara Casey

Alexander Technique


Barbara Casey (Alexander Technique) trained and qualified in London at the Carrington School in 2010. Her major teachers, Walter and Dilys Carrington, were both students of FM Alexander. While training she completed an internship at LAMDA, the London Academy for Dramatic Arts. Barbara holds certifications from both STAT-UK and AmSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique where she served on the Board of Directors from 2010-13. Presenting frequently at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island in the Holistic Counseling program, she also teaches at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts and maintains a private practice in Rhode Island. Barbara completed a post graduate program with John Nicholls in 2015 and worked with Betsy Polatin, author of The Actor’s Secret, in 2016 in a series of workshops related to the Alexander Technique and the physical manifestations of trauma. Currently she works with Missy Vineyard, a teacher and mentor in Amherst, Massachusetts, and frequently returns to London to work with Harry Walton, Alexander teacher extraordinaire. Barbara enjoyed a 33-year career as a Special Education Early Childhood Educator prior to training as an Alexander Technique teacher. She holds a ED.B. and ED.M. in Education.